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Thank you for visiting Orr Construction Inc., a leader in GPS-based drainage system design and construction. 

For five decades, Orr Construction has provided expert drainage and water management solutions to commercial, residential, and agricultural customers around Ohio.  In fact, Orr Construction’s track record features increased crop yields, scores of solid foundations free of water damage, safer driveways & parking lots, and aesthetically appealing landscapes.

Orr is often the preferred partner to agricultural, commercial and industrial contractors for:

  • Grading & excavating
  • Land clearing
  • Streets & parking lots
  • Sewer & water lines
  • Athletic fields

Plus, farmers and agri-businesses choose Orr for farm drainage, subsurface irrigation, ponds, animal waste facilities, waterways, and more.

Come on in and take a closer look at Orr Construction!  We commit to a job "done right from the start!"


Orr Construction strives to harness the latest technology for the maximum benefit of our customers.  Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology has offered the most significant advancement in recent years.  In fact, our Trimble system enables us to:

  • Survey the site in 3D, including ditches, muddy areas, and areas otherwise difficult to access
  • Analyze the data in 3D, offering greater understanding of field shape & slopes, natural surface water flows, and watershed zones, all resulting in better design decisions
  • Design your complete system in 3D, enabling us to determine optimal tile depths across the site, resulting in a consistent water table and a better overall design
  • Install the complete drainage system while accurately and automatically controlling the depth per design specifications
  • Map the installed drainage system for future maintenance or expansion

A better system. A better water flow. And a better bottom line for you.  That's the Orr Advantage.


“Controlled drainage” and the apparent benefits are increasingly hot topics in Ohio given the severe 2012 drought.  In fact, while other fields produced barely 50 bushels, Louie Rehm documented 100-bushel soybean yields on his Wayne County farmland improved with subsurface water control structures.  (View the video below and read Ohio Ag Network article for more information).

Orr Construction is pleased to have installed the underground tiling and control structures at the Rehm farm and would be glad to work with other area producers to achieve similar results.  Contact us today to see if it’s an option for you.

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