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Pond Construction

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Pond Construction

Orr Construction is your local expert for the design and construction of commercial, farm, recreational, and many other types of ponds, including:

  • Fishing and sporting ponds
  • Farm and agricultural ponds, including for commercial fish production
  • Commercial/corporate ponds and lakes
  • Fire protection ponds (including dry hydrants)
  • Recreational ponds and lakes
  • Ponds built on golf course and resort facilities
  • Ponds for Home Owners Associations
  • Municipal ponds

We understand both the value a pond can provide to your private residential property or the practical functionality it offers to agricultural operations. Likewise, a pond can greatly enhance your corporate image as prospective clients check out your facilities.

Unfortunately, poor design and construction may not only have the opposite of these intended effects but may also:

  • Allow seepage and unintentional drainage of the pond
  • Promote noxious and nuisance plant growth in the pond
  • Inhibit a successful ecosystem, including a thriving fish habitat
  • Accelerate shoreline erosion

At Orr, our desire is to provide you with a pond that surpasses your goals and objectives. We never take shortcuts in the design or construction phases. We are only satisfied when the pond is built to your exact specifications. Importantly, we encourage you to research all aspects of managing your completed pond, as it is essential to understand that it will take time for your pond's ecosystem to fully develop and flourish as nature intended!

Types of Ponds

There are three main types of ponds to consider:

  • Excavation ponds are the simplest type of pond in which the capacity is excavated (or dug) from the ground
  • Embankment ponds, a more complex design, involves the construction of a dam or other retaining wall to hold back incoming water flow
  • Combined construction involves elements of both excavation and embankment ponds as well as other design features

The Pond Construction Process

At Orr, we are pleased to manage your pond construction project in which we will:

  • Assess the site, soil types, existing contours, and watershed (source of water) to determine suitability for pond construction (ideal soil types include finely textured clays and silty clays that extend well below the pond depth
  • Recommend the best type of pond for your property
  • Survey and map the site
  • Design a site plan that takes maximum advantage of the site's natural features
  • Obtain proper permits and adhere to all federal, state, and local regulations, including The Ohio Drainage Law (we have a strong working relationship with the local NRCS, Army Corp of Engineers, and other agencies that oversee pond construction and related earthmoving activities)
  • Build the pond using proven construction techniques along with the right equipment for the job, including advanced GPS and laser tools
  • Incorporate the ideal liner and erosion-control technologies, such as Aquablock
  • Offer you guidance on managing your pond, including algae control!
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